Network Installation & Management

Our technicians specialize in the installation and maintenance of both simple and complex networks for your home or business. From sharing printer sand Internet resources to securing your network from intruders and providing security services. We install routers and firewalls, and design networks that are efficient and cost-effective. From a 2 PC to a 100+ PC network. In addition to conventional wired networks, we configure wireless networks in both the home and business environment. We also configure security to protect and secure your data from intruders.

PC Setup & Customization

When purchasing a new PC, we can have it personalized to your precise computing needs. During the initial setup of your new PC, we can make system adjustments to help your PC run smoother right from the start.

Software & Hardware installation

Caller’s Spring technicians can install any compatible internal or external hardware devices onto your desktop or laptop. Graphics/video card, memory, hard drives, and optical drives are examples of what this service includes.We can also install the latest version of Microsoft windows as well as other software, from a single program to an entire software suite.

Website Design

Unique designs combined with the latest coding standards and high tech dynamic programming makes your site uniquely customized to fit your needs. Caller’s Spring web division is a highly creative and technically savvy team. We have a powerful edge with cutting edge designs and state-of-the-art programming. Whether you want to update the look of your existing site to suit the latest trends or add a new spectrum of functionality, Caller’s Spring can help!

Database Development & Management?????????????

We offer from small to medium scale database management to customers in the area of office management and stock management. We run SQL database software as well as Microsoft Access. Currently we are managing the database of the Ministry of Justice, Lagos State.

Troubleshooting & Repair of Computers

We service equipment at either your location or ours. Our store contains state-of-the-art repair facility where we can repair virtually any type of computer or printer. We can also pick up your hardware, service, and return to your location. Our employees are well-trained and certified in repair and are well-versed in customer service. Your computer systems and networks are vital to your business operations and we take that to heart. We go through various steps to locate and fix problems with the computer hardware. With our procedure, the problem is traced down to the actual element causing the problem and thereafter fixed or replaced whichever is required.


We sell Computers and service all Computer Systems. We also sell Backup Drives, Backup Media, Cables,? Hard Drives, Memory,? Monitors, Routers, Network Hubs and Cards, Printers, Laser and Inkjet Paper, Toner, Kaspersky Antivirus, Ink Cartridges, Supplies, , Peplink Multi-Wan Routers, Video Cards, Routers etc. When you buy a computer, you should expect quality components. You should also expect quality service from a company you can trust. Caller’s Spring sells a full line of quality components relating to the computer industry. Complete Computer Systems built with Intel Processors, Scanners, Backup Power Supplies and Surge Protectors, Mouse and Keyboards. We also sell miscellaneous computer supplies and accessories.

IT Consultancy & Training

We offer advice on how best to use Information Technology to meet your business objectives. We also implement, deploy and administer IT systems. We pride ourselves in offering the very IT solutions to help businesses work more effectively. Our consultants are highly experienced and have all the necessary skills to develop the very best for you. Caller’s Spring will come to your home or office to train you or your personnel on specific topics such as software, basic PC skills and general use of the PC.Training excludes topics containing any proprietary Caller’s Spring Systems information.



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